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Greenberg Farms

Greenberg Farms Ltd. is a fourth generation family farm. James (Jim) Greenberg, his wife Jackie, his sons Jeff and Jamie, and his daughter Janet all work on the farm. They are currently milking 500 cows on their dairy farm, and up until last fall were housing their cows in a converted machine shed with a manure pack system. It worked well except in the summer time, when the hot weather would cause mastitis problems with the manure. When the time came to construct a new dairy barn, Jim chose Structures Unlimited to complete the expansion.


Misterton Salt Barn

“We ensured our barns were stocked last year so we didn’t run out, and we will be doing the same this year. During the winter, we’ll continue to monitor our stocks on a daily basis and re-order as necessary."


Spencer Sewage Treatment

The Village of Spencer Sewage Treatment Plant manages the sewage for a population of 1800 people plus sludge from a few surrounding large industries. The community required a building to cover two sewage tanks to prevent freezing problems. The two tanks hold 165,000 gallons each, enough storage space to last 180 days. The Wisconsin winters would continually freeze the sludge and hinder the growth of much needed bacteria that is needed to process the sewage sludge into fertilizer for agricultural use.


Sunflower Farms

Sunflower Farms is a private dressage facility located on 50 acres of pristine land near Bristol, WI. For equine enthusiasts dwelling nearby, the facility is a haven to appreciate their passion for horses and the disciplined beauty of dressage. “Some of our clientele drive an hour and a half to get here because of the  surroundings and services we offer,” says Phillip May, general manager.